Store3d Player for 5d interactive cinema
Store3d Player for 5d interactive cinema

Store3d Player for 5d interactive cinema

Цена: 100 000 p


Software package for managing 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D XD MD interactive cinema with Oculus rift 
Store3d program has complex problem solving by monitoring visitors to keeping statistics in an encrypted form, includes the last 200 movies 2012-2014 and 10 films under Oculus rift dk2 
Visitors 5D halls crave new drive and adrenaline. We have found a solution for 5D attractions +500 sense of reality !!! Be the first in your area! Acquire new software package management store3d 5D attraction with Oculus rift or do an upgrade of 5d cinema and earn more. 
A new step in virtualization technology attitude Oculus rift (Oculus Rift) virtual reality helmet last generation! - Built-in gyro in the virtual reality helmet gives an incredible effect - the ability to see any point in the game world! - Resolution 960 * 1080 pixels for each eye! - Full 3D effect completely immerses the viewer in the virtual world!

Now there is the opportunity to ride one of two !!!

Earn more, this new wave.

The cost of hardware support: helmets, computers, discussed separately




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